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Oakley Court Hotel, Sunday 26th August, 2018
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"From what had gone before this was certain to be..........A Picnic."

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Updated Friday, September 1st, 2017


Updated Friday, September 1st, 2017 The 2018 Picnic has now SOLD OUT just four days after going on sale. We now have 148 people booked for the 2018 event and have hit our limit. Oakley Court will be running a standby/waiting list as most years we have a few cancellations before the day. You can contact them to ask to be put on the list.


There is one questions that we are asked every year at the Picnic Show.......When will the next one be? Well the answers is...... Sunday, 26th August 2018.

Join us for the thirteenth Picnic Show at Oakley Court on the August Bank Holiday weekend. For those of you that don't know, Oakley Court was the original filming location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and is now an exclusive, beautiful, relaxing, peaceful, stunning, friendly, hotel.

The TimeWarp picnic is your chance to meet up with friends old and new and the one day each year when we can all wear our costumes around the hotel without a problem. We do ask that people cover up the more revealing costumes in the more public areas of the hotel and you won't get to wear them in the restaurant either - although in 2010 we did use it for the movie screening, so that was the exception!

Booking is now open for the Timewarp Rocky Horror Picnic at Oakley Court, 2018. Phone the hotel and quote "TimeWarp Picnic". The price for the 2018 event is £250 per room (which is just £10 more than the 2016 picnic rate). That gets you accomodation for two for the Sunday night, all the food and (soft) drinks for the Picnic itself and (a rather nice!) breakfast the next day. We are also planning to have another late night screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as part of the fun. Get to watch the house on the movie while in the house that is on the movie! Remember the cost is per room - not per person, so two people sharing would pay just £125 each to stay at Oakley Court and attend the picnic. Quite a few of the people at the 2017 event have booked for 2018 already, so rooms have already gone. The 2017 event was the first to sell out, so as always we would advise you to book as early as possible to make sure you get your place at the 2018 event.

2018 will also be a special year for TimeWarp as we will be celebrating not only the 45th anniversary of the original Rocky Horror Show, but also our own 30th anniversary of the fan club.,


Book by telephone on: 01753 609988 quoting "TimeWarp Picnic 2018"
Reservations at Oakley Court are the best people to talk on the phone to to book.

Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor Road, Water Oakley, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5UR.   www.oakleycourt.co.uk

The hotel love having TimeWarp and the Picnic there each year and you don't even have to be a member of the fan club to book, the event is open to all fans of Rocky who want to book.

For more information about the event, please see the main Picnic Show page for our frequently asked questions.

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