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Page updated Sunday, September 10th, 2017
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Moszna Castle, Poland - February 14th - 18th 2018

For those that don't know a 'LARP' is a 'Live Action Role-Playing Game', think shadow cast but you get to play many other characters without constraints of a script.

This has been licenced by Rocky Horror Company, but provided by Dziobak Larp Studios, Avalon Larp Studio and Carcosa Freelance. The even takes place in Poland in February 2018.

We're still not quite sure what to make of this, it has the potential to be great fun, but also states it is designed for 'those 18 and over' and their players guide does include the following text............

RHL is an inclusive game designed to be played and enjoyed by every­one. Social and cultural attitudes to many of the key elements of the original Rocky Horror show have moved on since its first performances - as is to be expected over nearly forty years. Our interpretation is intended to be as true to the spirit of the original performances as possible, while recognising those cultural shifts in the way we por­tray some things.
The Rocky Horror Show (and the movie that it spawned) contains some scenes of non-consensual sex. This will not be a part of the larp. These attitudes towards non-consensual sex were a product of their time. We do not believe that maintaining these aspects of the original text would add anything at all to the larp. We're not going to pre­tend that they were not there but to include them in the larp would do nothing to benefit the players or the community.
One of the central themes of the Rocky Horror Show is that the uni­verse is a much more…interesting - place than you may have been led to believe. Sexual liberation is a part of that, and we want that to play a part in the larp as well.
In our version of Rocky Horror, some characters may identify as non-binary, genderfluid, or without gender, some will be gay, or bi, or queer, or trans. We will be writing LGBTQ+ characters specifically for the larp. They will be available for anyone who wants to play them. Players can request these characters, or can work with us to create their own.
We believe that for queer culture and queer liberation to be explored, there must be a framework of cultural conservatism to provide the con­text for action. We want to create this context, but without endorsing repression. If we remove this context entirely, we risk erasing queer­ness and ignoring the journey of people within the LGBTQ+ community.

Enter at your own risk?

Press Release September 6th, 2017

More details at www.larprockyhorror.com


Tickets now available on Indiegogo

LONDON UK, September 6 - The Official Rocky Horror Larp crowdfunding campaign was launched tonight on Indiegogo. The campaign represents the first ever opportunity to secure a place in the ultimate audience participation experience, the Rocky

Horror Larp. Fans from around the world will travel to Mozna Castle in Poland to take part in a live action roleplay (larp) adventure within the world of Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show.

Licenced by the Rocky Horror Company, the experience will have the classic songs from the show and participants will be able to play the iconic characters so beloved by fans. Participants may also play visitors to the castle, interlopers, and Transylvanians, with an entirely new story to explore. The experience is carefully crafted to ensure every participant will find a place in the weekend’s events, and the ultimate course of events will be determined by the players themselves.

“We have had a wonderful reception from the Rocky Horror community. Excited fans have contacted us from around the world,” said Claus Raasted of Dziobak Larp Studios. “We can’t wait to help make their dreams come true.”

With prices from limited early bird packages at €450 up to a €6,666 for a luxury package for up to six, the campaign’s perks are designed to fit many different budgets. Spaces are limited to 120 participants, with tickets available at https://igg.me/at/larprockyhorror/

This event is licensed by the Rocky Horror Company and brought to you by Dziobak Larp Studios, Avalon Larp Studio and Carcosa Freelance. The event will be held in the stunning Moszna Castle hotel in Poland. For more information see: www.larprockyhorror.com

Don’t dream it. Be it… at Mozsna Castle, Poland on February 14th-18th, 2018.

About Dziobak Larp Studios: DZIOBAK LARP STUDIOS is a larp design collective. We do everything from city games and educational games to big international productions - the most famous being College of Wizardry. We believe in changing the world through play, in staging memorable and transformative experiences, and most of all, we believe in the power of people. www.dziobak.studio http://www.avalonlarp.studio

About Avalon Larp Studio: AVALON LARP STUDIO is a new larp and experience design studio. We develop innovative, inclusive larp (live action roleplay) events. The worlds we build and the dynamics we create are carefully designed for maximum drama and intensity of experience. None of these events are scripted. The heart of the stories told lie with you. www.avalonlarp.studio

About Carcosa Freelance: CARCOSA FREELANCE is a UK-based larp design house, focussing on larp narrative and storytelling. Our last major project was delivering story and narrative for the award winning Odyssey LRP. We believe that the act of telling and experiencing stories - participatory, living, breathing, dynamic stories - is a fundamental human experience.?www.carcosa.co.uk http://www.avalonlarp.studio

Time is fleeting... And so are tickets! Buy yours now!


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